From the moment I walked into my friend's house and smelled the scent of honeysuckle I knew I wanted that exact scent in my own home. After that moment, I haven't bought another brand of candles. All of my candles, for my own home and the candles I purchase as gifts come from Candle Cuties. Not only does one candle fill many rooms with the scent, but the price can't be beaten, especially for the quality of the candles! 
- Barbara F.

Love my candle melts and Candle from Candle Cuties! I have been looking around for a rosemary mint candle everywhere. When I heard that Candle Cuties had one, I had to get it. I love that my home can smell like a Spa! Their rosemary mint and lavender make an excellent combination in my wax burner. Not only do these candles smell amazing but they are good quality too. 
-April S.

CandleCuties are amazing. I light one candle and you can smell the aroma throughout my whole house! I've done two fundraisers with Candle Cuties which both had fantastic outcomes. The candles not only sell themselves, but working with Candle Cuties really helped up raise a lot of funds for the school program! 
-Candice P.

I have been buying and using these products for almost 10 years. I was always disappointed to find a candle in a store that I thought smelt wonderful. Just to get it home & you could only tell it had a frangrance if you were standing directly over it. NOT SO with Candle Cuties. You can be in the other room & your entire house will smell wonderful. Please stop wasting your money on so called frangrance melts & candles & spend less on Candle Cuties!! 
- Regina